Tuesday, 27 April 2010

WBSDS and Scandals training

Ok well first of all I now spend quite a lot of time when I have Scandal out practising 'flicky feet' it seems to have the desired affect in getting her to concentrate and take her mind off watching the dogs working. Here's a little vid of her doing flicky feet.

Ahhh I love it, just have to increase the duration of it now. When we're walking round the rings she flicks her feet even more, very very bouncy and excited!

Her weaves really have not been improving so we have gone back to channel weaves. On uprights she was doing 1-step, 2 step, followed by a cross-over-paws-step, so she's back on channel now, they are really close together, probably an inch apart, but she's a lot happier on them and single steps. So over the next month hopefully we can close them up again.

And now on to WBSDS.... hmmmmmmm!

Ricky wasn't great in his 2 anysize classes, I can barely get a wait out of him at all now, he's so naughty, and he is 11 after all so I'm not going to throw his classes to get a wait back! He was a bit clumsy this weekend, he jumps loads better on medium, as he actually has to jump, rather than just step over them. We had lots of lovely comments on how fast and keen he looks, which is nice :)

Tia... omg, we have never had anything like this before. She just blew her top. She'll be 8 years old on Saturday and I don't think I've ever taken her out the ring before. Well we walked out of 2 classes on Saturday. Crazy beans. Out of the 5 runs we had over the weekend, she only did 1 perfect wait, the rest involved numerous amounts of creeping. On Sat, Mike Bacon's 6-7 agility, more of a FCI type course, LOVED it, thought it was hard (for me anyway :)) but couldn't wait to do it. I recalled Tia and put a front cross in, which sent her ploughing through the jump. Then, on a 3 jump star thing, I was stood in middle of the star, said right, shoulders etc facing right, and she just randomly flicked off and went left. Then the aframe/tunnel combination she ran past altogether, then when she finally went in the tunnel, she cut across me when she came out. And then finally when I asked for a pull through, amidst lots of barking she again took the pole and did a wide turn... so we left! She got in more barks in that 1 run than I think she does in most days of competition, it was like she'd left her brain at home.

So then 6-7 jumping and she worked it a lot better, had a pole due to me not collecting after a turn, then the fricking weaves! Ahhhhhhh! She got a great entry, then bobbled at 5. So we did it again and she came out of the last weave.... I was pulling off towards the next obstacle, but still expect her to stay in the weaves, and as she was already e'd, great chance to practice. So we tried again, me not pulling off quite so much, and she came out again. So we left! Bad Tia. More training.

The 1-7 jumping was one of the easiest 1-7s I've seen, and the only slightly 'tricky' bit, if you could even call it tricky, ie through a box, round, and back through, despite my 'come, come' command, Tia pinged off diagnally. Actually, on the video, it was totally my fault, for flumoxing around too long and then slightly stepping over towards the jump Tia took. But I would be grateful if she didn't bark quite as much so she at least looked partly like she was listening :)

Sunday, we tried a different tactic, getting Tia to do tricks etc in the queue so she couldn't get so wound up. Much better, we had a 'skin of your teeth' clear in the agility which i was pleased with as lots of E's. Wasted too much time dithering at the end so just out of the placings. Tash and Maddie won it, can't believe Maddie is 12 years old, she was absolutely stunning and just flew!

Then T did a nice round in the 6-7 jumping and a simple pull through at the end, again I didn't collect Tia for the next jump and she ran past it, duhhhh handler. However it was nice that Tia was listening again. We didn't do our last class as I hadn't walked it and figured it'd be good to end on a goodish note!

Imogen and Honey had their last 1-2s and won 3 of them. I got in a bit of a strop in 1 of the jumpings, Honey missed her weave entry because the 2nd and 3rd weaves were horrendously wonky, the dogs would have had to bend soooo hard back to get the 2nd one. However, after Imogen ran, the judge re-pegged the weaves SO THEY WERE COMPLETELY STRAIGHT!!!! THAT IS NOT FAIR! And when I pointed this out to the judge, she said they weren't wonky in the first place, however, why put an EXTRA 3 pegs in to the first section of the weaves, if there wasn't a problem with them? Grrrr, fine if you're going to have wonky weaves and it's the same for everyone, but don't change it half way through. CONSISTENCY!!! Rant over, I feel better now :)

Phewf, long post!

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