Monday, 6 July 2009

Scandal and Beee

I met up with Laura this afternoon and we took my three, and Be, for a walk, Be is about 15 months now and is looking so pretty. Scandal loved having a great play mate to run with, Tia wasn't sure whether to chase them or play with them, and Rix pretended they didn't exist altogether, hehe.
Rix is now 10.5, Tia is 7, and Scandal's 7 months, so it's no wonder Rix doesn't really want to play with the baby, bless him!

Tia about to snap at Scandal for stealing her 'find' (a bottle wrapper)

Scandal concerned she might be missing something that Be is rolling in

I is a sheepdog!

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Whisperedreams Border Collies said...

hey char please add my blog lol please!! finally sored i ....iu think lol gonna put all de's updates on now from his ruff love program can give me some tips then lol
take care sarah x