Saturday, 21 March 2009


Today Sarah and Nat came for a lesson, we did some filming, as I got fed up with looking at a blue blur from Nat's vid of Asher weaving, lol. Asher's well known in flyball circles, I'm still arguing the case for her to drop flyball and just do agility, however as he runs in under 4secs in flyball I can't see that happening. He is just sooo fast in agility, it's scary just how fast he is. It's also scary just how strong he is, playing tuggy with my two is like playing with a couple of guinea pigs compared to him!!

Sarah took the vid camera, however I'm not quite sure she figured how to use the zoom out button ;o) so most of Asher's jumping was either of the grass, or Asher's tail.
Here's a couple of the good bits -

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Heelwork training

I got a vid of Tia (and a bit of Rix - there was more but it was all rubbish so v edited!) doing some heelwork training tonight. Looking back at it her head position when I have the toy is still too high so will try and refine it a bit with the clicker. It's nice that her flicky feet have come back though.

I took the dogs to Chippenham on Sunday, as someone I train had their first show there. I said I'd meet her there at half 8, but after switching my alarm clock(s) off several times, I eventually woke up and looked at the time and it was 8.15 - whoops! I managed to get up and ready in an impressive 10 minutes (a record! norm it takes at least an hour!) but made the rather big mistake of feeding the puppy just before I left.

Driving rather fast through the streets of Bath the puppy kindly left me a nice deposit in her cage, all I can say is I'm glad I didn't have any breakfast as don't think I'd have kept it down, I didn't have time to stop en route (plus had nout to clear it up with!) and so was lucky it was only another 10mins or so until I got to the show. Note to self - allow puppy at least an hour between feeding and travelling.

Once we got to the show, and the pup had announced to everyone she had arrived (she had also let the cyclists of Bath know she REALLY didn't appreciate them parking up next to us at traffic lights) I watched a bit of the champ, walked the medium 1-3 graded with the girl I train (what a novelty walking a course!! lol) and then got all the dogs out. Did some training with each of them, the puppy was very focussed and not at all distracted doing training for some nice treats. When she's working, nothing can distract her, she's a little workaholic.

Shona and Keri (who I train) did a brilliant round and I was so proud of them, the course was very hard with a snake leading to a pull through which they did nicely, Keri just jumped off the dog walk (in case it was another seesaw!) and then ran past the tyre - we must do this a bit more! But she stopped on all her contacts and did lovely weaves :o) must get them to do more shows and less orienteering!!!

Dad had a super round with Bex in graded 5-7 agility, somehow managing to do 2 of the scariest push throughs ever (I think only Leah can do them and look totally cool and professional - lol), and won the grade 5 by 4 secs, he was only 0.2 off Dawn and Chelsea's time in the G7's so was very pleased, then he got a 3rd in 5-7 jumping. Nice that he and Andy and Kizzle go up to G6 together :o)

Also well done to Sarah and Jemma on their 3rd on Saturday at their first KC show - first of many I am sure :o)


Saturday, 14 March 2009

Poor puppy

The pup has been feeling sorry for herself as on Thursday I somehow trod on her in the afternoon. I was opening the shed door to get her lead out so we could go for a walk, and the dogs were milling around. The lock for the shed is high, so I must have reached up to unlock it and then madam put her foot under my heel for me to squash when I put my foot down. However I actually didn't feel her foot under my foot, so when she screamed I thought to start with Rix had bitten her (she jumps at his face and bites his neck) and that was what the kerfuffle was, however when she was holding her foot up it clicked what she'd done. I was a bit concerned she might have broken something as she was still screaming, but when I produced some food she magically forgot about it. She was a lame yesterday and a bit lame today, so we'll see how it is tomorrow, otherwise she'll be off to the vets next week. Only 14 weeks old and I've managed to break her!
Well as it's a nice day today I thought it'd be good to try and get some group photos, seeing as I don't have any. That, quite obviously, didn't go too well, as the puppy thought it was great that Rix and Tia both had to lie in the garden for her to climb over, maul and woof at.
Tia getting fed up at being used as a climbing frame
Puppy posing and Ricky pretending to be a snake opening his mouth really wide

Puppy giving Tia a little nip
Puppy getting bored
Think this is the best I'm gonna get!

Then I gave up and took some photos of her on her own

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Scandal 13 weeks

Well madam continues to amuse me, she adores her training sessions, although we haven't done much this week. I was ill last Mon/Tues/Weds and it really knocked me for six, I've been sleeping 10hours a day since, and its only today when I felt back to normal, so the dogs training has suffered a bit.

Tia has been doing well in her training, but the one thats impressed me most is Mr Rix, he is loving the new training method I am using and his heelwork is the best its ever been, he is working so well.

I am doing follows with the puppy, in heelwork, and she's really starting to lift her feet now, I hope she will keep this as I love stylish heelwork. She knows sit, left, right (she loves right, this is her fave trick), we are starting on reverse, if I am free shaping she will also offer a down. She's really getting the idea of puppy presents (puppy recalls) and is sitting straighter rather than doing her puppy sit. Here is a little video of what we have been doing. It's a bit lacklustre as I've just filmed it and been out all day, so a bit tired!!

Will do a vid of pups, Tias and Rickys heelwork on the weekend!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Ruby vid

Thanks to Cat for sending it to me :o) :o)

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Well done Ant and Ruby

I am very proud that Jackie and Ant to have entrusted me with a Ruby puppy, today Ruby showed just how phenomenal she is by winning YKC ADOTY with a stonking round, contacts that could quite easily be compared to running contacts, pinging the tunnels like there weren't any weights on them! She's utterly fab, and I am so lucky to have one of her puppies.

Hopefully her run may appear on youtube (thank heavens for Crufts TV - I got to watch it!) so I can upload it to the blog, for anyone who didn't see the run.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Another week gone by..

Pup has been great this week, loves her training, gets so excited when I get the clicker out. She has also been playing with Ricky, much to my delight. She plays with Tia loadssss and so at least when she's doing this she's not chewing feet/furniture/carpet.

Some photos of Scandal -
Eating something she shouldn't!

Big ears

On a mission!

Mr Handsome

Ambushing scott

Ricky Tia and Scott