Saturday, 14 March 2009

Poor puppy

The pup has been feeling sorry for herself as on Thursday I somehow trod on her in the afternoon. I was opening the shed door to get her lead out so we could go for a walk, and the dogs were milling around. The lock for the shed is high, so I must have reached up to unlock it and then madam put her foot under my heel for me to squash when I put my foot down. However I actually didn't feel her foot under my foot, so when she screamed I thought to start with Rix had bitten her (she jumps at his face and bites his neck) and that was what the kerfuffle was, however when she was holding her foot up it clicked what she'd done. I was a bit concerned she might have broken something as she was still screaming, but when I produced some food she magically forgot about it. She was a lame yesterday and a bit lame today, so we'll see how it is tomorrow, otherwise she'll be off to the vets next week. Only 14 weeks old and I've managed to break her!
Well as it's a nice day today I thought it'd be good to try and get some group photos, seeing as I don't have any. That, quite obviously, didn't go too well, as the puppy thought it was great that Rix and Tia both had to lie in the garden for her to climb over, maul and woof at.
Tia getting fed up at being used as a climbing frame
Puppy posing and Ricky pretending to be a snake opening his mouth really wide

Puppy giving Tia a little nip
Puppy getting bored
Think this is the best I'm gonna get!

Then I gave up and took some photos of her on her own

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Gina said...

Aww I can't believe you have broken her already! Lol. Love the photos :D