Sunday, 1 March 2009

Another week gone by..

Pup has been great this week, loves her training, gets so excited when I get the clicker out. She has also been playing with Ricky, much to my delight. She plays with Tia loadssss and so at least when she's doing this she's not chewing feet/furniture/carpet.

Some photos of Scandal -
Eating something she shouldn't!

Big ears

On a mission!

Mr Handsome

Ambushing scott

Ricky Tia and Scott


I'm Helen said...

Looks like she might end up with the same back end that Nellie has - powerful like their dad! Hx

Vicki said...

Dont think you're going to have any trouble with those ears ;) You'l be weighing them down, LOL

Leanne said...

Wow, legs! She's grown so much, looking a bit more like a proper collie now.

Glad to hear she's getting on with Rix and Tia too!

Char said...

Thanx for your nice comments :o) shes so lovely. Yes Helen she may, shes reminding me a lot of Ruby at the moment so who knows what she'll turn out like!
Vicki - I'm dreading teething, when they go down again!!
We met a 4month collie pup yesterday and it was HUGE, made me think Scandal hadn't grown quite so much after all lol.