Friday, 28 December 2012

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Puppies 9-10 weeks

A little update on the puppies; I am sure most of you who read the blog get to see the photos on FB too, but in case you don't, here they are:

Coy at 10 weeks


Coy taking it easy

Rudi, Coy and Rusty (posing)



Rusty... posing

Rusty with his special good luck message to Scandal for Olympia :-)

And a video of Zephyr :-)

Must get an up to date one of Jinx :-)


Monday, 24 December 2012

Twas the night before Christmas

And the dogs are not stirrring... apart from Honey, who is currently running round with a shoe in her mouth.

I knew I would have a busy couple of months and I probably wouldn't update my blog for a while but nearly 3 months... slightly longer than intended.

The puppies are now all settled in their lovely new homes. I couldn't have asked for more lovely people to take care of my babies, I was so proud as each puppy went off with their new owner. Scandal was amazing throughout the whole thing, and I would love to repeat the mating in the future and keep a puppy - I would have loved to keep one this time round but with Scandal only being 4, and 'life' being pretty busy right now, I didn't think it would be fair on the pup or the other dogs to keep one. I tried to raise the puppies as I would if I was keeping one for myself, so they met lots of people, had lots of toys to keep them entertained, had lots of surfaces to run on (and attempt to use as tuggies), met the other dogs (they all loved Rix), met the cows, watched the tractors, and of course met lots of people. I think they were pretty confident (very naughty) little pups by the time they left.

I have loved getting 'pupdates' from the new owners on how the pups are all getting on in their new adventures.

The puppies are now coming up to 11 weeks. Here are a few pictures of them at 7 weeks. I will do another update with some more recent photos of a few of them.

7 weeks: (pics by Mark Taylor)

Zephyr (Inferno), Rusty (Scorch) and Rudi (Blaze)

Rumour (Sizzle) and Coy (Tottie)

Jinx (Spark)


Rusty (the poser of the litter!)

3 weeks...



Scorch and Tottie