Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pups hit 4 months and a catch up

Time flies. Two months in to 2013 already. AHHHHHHH.

Life is great, and very very busy. Rix had his 14th birthday last week. Ahhhhh. Love him.

Scandal and Honey are looking good. I did realise last weekend that it was only 3 weeks until Crufts and Honey hadn't had any training since before Christmas. Luckily Imogen has been staying with us this week and has done some training with Honey (which Honey clearly enjoys FAR more than training with me ;)). Seems that Honey has enjoyed the break and is keen to be back. I'm loving Scandal being back at training, she is so easy to handle... she's perfect :)

Jed is now KC registered and I've entered him in his first KC show *faints*. His attitude towards training is superb, and he is now gaining control of his long legs, although I do feel that I am handling a pony rather than a 'normal size' dog... he is huge. He has filled out a lot now, and has put back on all the weight he lost in the autumn.

And finally, some pictures of the pups at 4 months old. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing all the lovely photos of them enjoying life with their new owners... thank you for all the updates :) last week 5 of the pups met up for a play at Lee's field. Here are some of the photos (plus one of Ru too, as he is beautifulllll).

L to R: Zephyr, Coy, Rudi, Rusty and Jinx

L to R: Rusty, Jinx, Coy and Zephyr

Rusty, Coy and Rudi