Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Summer Shows

Not going to bore you with a show by show account so this is just a summary of the last month or so...

Scandal’s done some really, really awesome rounds and I’m soooo proud of her! Some ‘nearlies’ and ‘if onlys’ as well as ‘brain (mine) just needs to work faster’. Her runs tend to be either clears or Es, and the Es are completely down to pilot error (mainly the ‘brain needs to work faster’ reason). Such an amazing dog to work, she is trying so hard and I love every minute of running her.

Honey’s been Little Miss Consistent – 5 champs, 2 CCs, 3 resCCs. We are getting there, and I am still determined that one day I will work out what to do to get her to run in the ring like she does in training...

Ricky’s looking fabulous and seems to be loving life – he still manages our 8 mile walks and does the odd piece of agility equipment (still as enthusiastic as ever). Tia is also her usual happy bouncy smiley self, although she does seem to think she’s moved into the neighbours house, and invites herself in (much to the bemusement of their 2 dogs) whenever she fancies.

Jed’s amazing, when he wants to be. He’s a very exhuberant boy and gives 100% for everything (even if it really doesn’t require it, like jumping a 15” jump on set point – really doesn’t require soaring off into the distance with such joy). He loves life, loves free running, lovesss Scandal (not reciprocated), loves training, loves biking/canix. He just has such a zest for life. We recently went on a gridwork day with Gemma and I was really pleased that Jed managed to concentrate for 2 hours, work offlead and pretty much ignore the other dogs. Very slow progress but we are getting there. I’m hoping to do a couple of non-KC shows this year, then aim to bring him out properly next Spring. Out on our walk last week and a lady’s 2 GSDs kept running up to us and wouldn’t leave us alone, in the end I let Jed say hi, and then they had the best game he’s ever had while he’s been with us, they played and played, ran round loads, and completely wore Jed out (a near impossible feat). Jed was Mr HAPPY! Hopefully we will keep making these small steps in the right direction.

Haven’t got many shows for the rest of the year... Am very much enjoying just doing ‘normal’ things on our weekends. Scandal spends most of it herding the chickens, a job which she takes very seriously.