Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Just a quick post

Just a quick post, I have all these good intentions and then time just runs away.

Loving the lighter evenings, have been for 2x short runs in the last 2 days, I am determined to get a little faster, more than aware that I just don't have the self discipline to be super slim and super fit, but can definitely get faster as I am sooooo slow running Scandal. Scandal is getting faster, she is training like a dream, seemingly no hormones that stopped us training for a month last year, apart from she hates Tia, so Tia's on holiday for a while (Scandal likes that :))

We've done 2 UKA shows the last 2 weeks, Scandal has qualified for the beginners steeplechase final which I'm pleased about. She's been perfect and I couldn't ask any more of her. In the agility in the vid and the agility on the weekend both courses she ran past the obstacle after a straight tunnel (one flat and one rigid) Tia is great at this but tooo great... can't turn her at all after one, so I have done less of this with Scandal and it shows! We will be working on it.

Vid of Mapledurham...

She is so much fun, she is concentrating better on the start line, looking where we are going and not at who she can chase! I still can't hold her near the rings or queue with her as she's exhausted herself from barking by the time it's her turn, even if we aren't right next to the rings. However Garth can walk her right alongside the ring on a nice loose lead and she's sooo chilled... ahhh well, guess he and Imogen will just have to do the same shows :)

Tia's loving working with Imogen, although Imogen got a shock running her on the low jumps at UKA, Tia loves 22" and doesn't struggle like she does a little at 26. So goes tooo fast for Imogen's little legs, and barks and barks, and listens less n less. Hopefully with some more training that will balance out a bit :)

Love life, even though it seems I have no time and just end up rushing from one place to the next... better than being bored tho!! Yay for the Spring and sunshine!