Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Scandal 13 weeks

Well madam continues to amuse me, she adores her training sessions, although we haven't done much this week. I was ill last Mon/Tues/Weds and it really knocked me for six, I've been sleeping 10hours a day since, and its only today when I felt back to normal, so the dogs training has suffered a bit.

Tia has been doing well in her training, but the one thats impressed me most is Mr Rix, he is loving the new training method I am using and his heelwork is the best its ever been, he is working so well.

I am doing follows with the puppy, in heelwork, and she's really starting to lift her feet now, I hope she will keep this as I love stylish heelwork. She knows sit, left, right (she loves right, this is her fave trick), we are starting on reverse, if I am free shaping she will also offer a down. She's really getting the idea of puppy presents (puppy recalls) and is sitting straighter rather than doing her puppy sit. Here is a little video of what we have been doing. It's a bit lacklustre as I've just filmed it and been out all day, so a bit tired!!

Will do a vid of pups, Tias and Rickys heelwork on the weekend!


Angela said...

I love those ears, I always wanted mine to have upright ears! Mind you I think Harry's makes up for everyone!

Katie said...

That last frame of her is soo cute, she's like "OMG you were filming me?!"

She looks great, can't wait for the next update. x

Sarah x said...

Awww, she is sooooo cute!!! Although Jemma has now run away and hid from the noise of the clicker bless her!!

Vicki said...

how cute is she!!

Leanne said...

Too cute! The ears are fab. She's looking lovely.

Char said...

Hehe thanks :o) Ang - I had to give the ears a bit of help otherwise she'd have resembled a spaniel!! She is cute until she runs at you with a mouthful of poo and leaps in your face - yuck!

Sarah - keep playing the vid, you can densensitise Jem eventually lol.