Saturday, 21 March 2009


Today Sarah and Nat came for a lesson, we did some filming, as I got fed up with looking at a blue blur from Nat's vid of Asher weaving, lol. Asher's well known in flyball circles, I'm still arguing the case for her to drop flyball and just do agility, however as he runs in under 4secs in flyball I can't see that happening. He is just sooo fast in agility, it's scary just how fast he is. It's also scary just how strong he is, playing tuggy with my two is like playing with a couple of guinea pigs compared to him!!

Sarah took the vid camera, however I'm not quite sure she figured how to use the zoom out button ;o) so most of Asher's jumping was either of the grass, or Asher's tail.
Here's a couple of the good bits -


Gina said...

Wow stunning :-)

Katie said...

Go Ashbash :D

He's such a good lad (we sooo need to show you him at flyball Char...never seen anything like it)

Nat x said...

Thankyou for the fab lesson Char, we will do our homework and hopefully you'll let us come see you again soon!