Saturday, 21 February 2009

Weekly catch up

Firstly a video, of Ricky and Copper at UKA last week.

Scandal's now 11 weeks old, we visited Horseworld today, with Laura and Be. It's got horses, donkies, goats, a pig, birds, rabbits, and chickens, plus loads of screaming kids, so it was great socialisation for the pup. She has been a bit spooky this week with people, if there's loads of people she's fine, but she's not happy if there's just the odd person walking down the road, she has a good bark. However today was great for her as we met soooo many people, esp children. We haven't done much in the way of training, just lots of play.

We've been to Asda, Co-Op and Tesco car parks this week! I take Tia and Scandal, we do some socialisation with Scandal and get her used to the trolleys etc, then do some heelwork clicker stuff with Tia, then when Tia has a "duff moment" she is tied up and I do some basic stuff with the pup.

Seem to have had a break through with Tia now, after a few hard days last week, when she seemed to spend most of the session tied up, as she was more concerned with cars/noises around and couldn't concentrate. However now she's realised that by not giving attention, she gets tied up on her own, seems to have made her realise she can't pick and choose when she gives me the focus. We've had 2 fab sessions the last two days, 100% concentration, lovely flicky feet, and doing everything I ask. Hope this continues!

I am reading a very good book at the moment called Excel-erated learning - it's about how dogs learn, basically a psychology book about dogs. So far (I'm only on page 40) it's talked about classical and operant conditioning, positive and negative reinforcement and positive and negative punishment. It's great, I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in that kinda stuff. Also has stuff on types of reward, and how dogs can get accustomed to them and how it leads to an increase/decrease in performance. Totally great, very interesting as well. Although I generally can't manage more than a couple of pages per night, as it's pretty intense.

Okies thats all for now as its gone midnight and need some sleep!


Anonymous said...

Hello, I love reading your blog. Scandal is absolutly gorgeous. I also have a Border-Collie, but he's a tricolour one. You can see some pictures on my blog; however, the text is only in German ;-)
I have one question could you please name the author of the book. It is easier for me to search for the book. Thank you in advance. Yours Bianca and Benni

Angela said...

Wow look at Rix's go, he should be having fun at his tender age xx

Char said...

Hi Bianca,
Thanks for your nice comments :o) the author is Pam Reid. It's a really good book I would recommend it.

Ang - Rix is working amazingly atm, Lee works him for half an hour once a week and he goes like the wind, think he's speeded up from last year!! x