Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow dogs

Took the camera out on a walk today, havent taken photos of the dogs for ages now, the photos didnt come out too great (had it on the wrong setting... again) but never mind.

Ricky will be 10 in a weeks time, and Tia will be 7 in May! Can't believe how old they are getting... Tia still acts like a 2 year old, big fat donut.

Tia - as the snow was melting it was falling off the trees and she thought it was squirrels running about (she's obsessed with them) so kept stopping to stare... weirdooo.

Tia looking gormless and sticking her tongue out!

1 comment:

Lee Gibson Training said...

"Tia looking gormless" ??

I cant believe those words can be in the same sentence.

Did you roll Rix's snow ball yourself by the way? Its a good effort ;)