Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Thanks to Itty for these fab pics of Scandal at 8 weeks old!

Well, the monster has really found her feet. We somewhat struggled the last 3 days as she was being very dominant with both Rix and Tia, but especially Rix, she was being growly and dominant if I stroked him, or if there was food around. However today so far no growls or tantrums, she has been very good!
She has been quiet every night so far, bed time at 10.30 and get up at 5.30 on a week day and 7 on weekends, she sleeps until I wake her up, what a sweetie! She is toy mad, and loves the puppy training we are doing. Can't wait to take her to some socialisation classes, I am sure she will love meeting all the different dogs.


Vicki said...

shes so cute!

shes done so well with sleeping through. Inca was like that and settled quickly but with Diesel we ended up sleping on the third floor with ear plugs for the first couple nights, lol.

Sarah x said...

Are you gona bring her on sat?? please say yes, I wana cuddle!!!