Tuesday, 10 February 2009

New trainer

Still on a hiiiiigh...

Had a lesson with my new obedience trainer on Sunday... I have been waiting for a space since July, we had a session booked in for last Thursday, then of course came the snow, so we put it off until Saturday, and then that became Sunday.

It was AMAZING! One of the best things I have ever done. She saw Tia in a totally different light to what I have ever seen her in, of a dog that has me completely wrapped round her paw, I bend over backwards to make sure she doesn't get upset, pander to her every need, and Tia picks and chooses as to how much effort she feels appropriate to contribute.

We also had a long chat over how I approach things in training and competing, and how this has affected what Tia works like. Also about Tia's understanding and how she thinks.

Ahhhh it was just so brilliant. When I trained Tia today I tried out a few of the things that we worked on, and I gave Tia a 'time out', then untied her from the tree and she was a different dog, totally wanting to please and doing anything to get a click, rather than having a quick gawp as and when she felt like it.

I'm getting some books on the theory of clicker training, which should help, as at the moment I don't fully understand how to use a clicker to its best. Ahh dog trainings gone all technical all of a sudden lol.

As to Stroppy Scandal, well she is just wonderful. She is not guarding her food as much now, and doesn't growl when I stroke the other dogs after stroking her. In the last couple of days her and Tia have started 'playing', I say playing, however it's more the puppy running round and round Tia, and Tia swiping her paw at her every now and then.

Scandal's been to lots of new places, however the last two days she has been car sick, grrr bad puppy I hate sick! We went to Jolleys superstore today, I carry her for bits and put her down occasionally. When she is at home on our driveway, she will growl and bark if someone walks past, however once we are past the driveway she is fine and wants to approach everyone. I think she has taken over the role of guard dog as Rix and Tia are so useless at it. We have been to Asda and have worked on focussing on me around the car park - she's still a bit scared of traffic if they whizz past, and at Asda they seem to use it as a racetrack, so twas a bit scary. I am determined that she won't be scared of traffic like Tia, as it gets a bit tiresome when Tia has to stop and turn round every time she hears a car behind her.

She has her 2nd jab on Friday, I can't wait, as I am still being careful about how much I expose her to the outside world, we have been on a couple of walks, and I carry her on bits and let her walk on bits. She sticks very close to me, so much so that I have managed to stand on her a couple of times as she walks under my feet, Rix and Tia know this is a danger zone so stay well clear, lol.

Anyway thats a very long post so think it is enough for one day...

Ok one more bit... we did hill training today, that is, getting Tia to really use her back leg muscles running up vertical hills. No lameness afterwards, yayyy. She is getting better, slowly. :o)


Vicki said...

Yay - its always great getting a new perspective on things - new people can pick up on things you dont even think twice about.

Anonymous said...

Both girls sound cracking Char! Soo lovely to hear positives about Tia :)

(psst got the counselling today - the scary thought of a man wasn't so scary after all - thank god!!)

Leanne said...

It's very obvious how excited you are about this (which is fab!) I hope it pays off, you deserve some luck with Tia.

Hill reps are a great idea, we use them a lot with our dogs and it's always been great.