Saturday, 16 June 2012


So then we speed on to Hinckley. I love the Hinckley show, big entries but only 5 rings, plus it was Scandal’s first show here 2 years ago. My baby is now 3 ½ !

Champ first – Scandal did a lovely round in the champ agility (including a super aframe-weaves :-D) but had a spin on number 4 when I was toooo slow so she just had to take a guess at which way I wanted her to turn. She came 3rd in this, which amazed me! Then champ jumping, and she had a clear, but lost quite a few seconds when she decided to try and take the scenic route to the weaves... and I wasn’t very helpful to her, poor Scan.

Champ final and she was flying, up until seesaw-weaves... and she just couldn’t see the weaves. More homework definitely needed! Crufts Singles and she was fabuloso and came 3rd... 0.2 behind Ant and Ruby, and 0.1 behind Linda and Kizzy – I was MEGA pleased to be so close to their times :-D this also means that Scandal should hopefully have enough points for the Singles at Crufts 2013.

And now little miss Honeybear... who has been allergic to clear rounds since her ticket win at Woodside. Thankfully, a month later, she managed to do everything in one go and go clear in the Crufts Singles and come 3rd! Yay, our first points. She decided, 4 from the end, she was going to go insanely fast, which involved screaming her head off and launching over the aframe so quickly she just landed on the contact. Bless her.

And Honey’s clear roundness continued the next day, in a very straightforward Olympia qualifier, I’d already seen loads and loads of clears and knew it would take some miracle to get Honey to go as fast as them. Well she thankfully decided that she was going to go pretty fast from about number 10, including doing the best running dogwalk she’s ever done (she seemed to grow wings and glide down), and finished 3rd again! So we’ve qualified for the Olympia semis too. Woop woop. I have such clever doglets:-)

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