Monday, 6 May 2013


I thought Jed deserved his own post. At the end of March we went down to Kernow, one of my favourite shows of the year. Jed has come on a lot over the winter and so I decided Kernow would be a good first show for him to do. The only thing is he is still very green and I haven’t been able to train him as much as I’d hoped – in the last couple of months he’s only had 1 training session a week… not really ideal for teaching his contacts.

He had a great time… only knocked 1 pole all weekend over 6 runs, which is great considering when he was first learning to jump and had no idea of how his legs worked he used to plough through jumps, breaking the entire cup/wing on more than one occasion. He even managed a clear round in G3 jumping and came 3rd.
He absolutely LOVES running, but you can see from the videos he’s used to only doing short sequences… in the 3-5 agility he did tunnel-jump towards the score tent and then went ‘where’s my toy, where’s my toy’, then I got him back and we carried on and did jump dogwalk, and then he did ‘where’s my toy’ again. And in his G3 jumping he went through the tunnel straight towards the startline ‘where’s my toyyyyy’ and bless him had to slam on his breaks when he FINALLY realised I was calling him. Anyone would think he was obsessed with his toy ;-)

Two weeks later and another weekend of competing. He did a total of 4 runs over the two days and had 3 clears! His first run was 1-3 agility, he was good but didn’t wait on his seesaw, he went on to do the next jump and then realised he was meant to have stopped and came running back pulled it back down and sat at the bottom bless him. Then his next run was another 1-3 agility, he did a beautiful running DW and AF, and a very good stop on his seesaw, and came 5th J:-) then his next class was G3 jumping and I hadn’t walked the course, so he had a wide turn but still came 8th. The following day he just had one run, G1-3 jumping, and did another clear, and this time won it by over a second :-) he is SO much fun to run, a massive big goofball but tries his heart out to get it right. He’s still doing a few jumps goofily, but this is settling down, and I know it’s just because he’s trying extra hard to jump, rather than plough through, which is most appreciated ;-)

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He is looking lovely!