Sunday, 19 June 2016

Time flies when you're having fun...

Now we're in to 2016... I don't seem to update this blog any more... a year and a half and no updates...

So much is going on here, super crazy, and super fun.

Scandal's been on rest/rehab since her flat tunnel incident at Crufts, she has been out for about 10 weeks in total, hopefully she will be back very soon, I miss running her!

Jed has not done anything since winning Olympia in 2015 (still on a happy cloud about that!) he automatically qualifies for the semis in August, I'm hopeful that if/when a larger minimum distance comes in, I will start working him more again. Watching him run in Denmark last year (5m minimums) was amazing, I am really hopeful that this minimum will come to the UK, now we have concrete research supporting this.

Crazy little Firework is now 2 years old, she has really matured the last couple of months, I have entered her in a few grade 3 classes over the summer, including some at lower height, which is exciting. She is super keen to work, I just need to train her more :-P

Tia is now 14, very deaf, and a bit slower, but still happy and loves all her walks.

And last but not least, my new baby, sheltie 'Wow', all the way from Denmark, from Natasha Petrine Gjerulff Jensen, aka Kennel Gjerulff. Wow is now 6.5 months old and the loveliest little puppy... so easy going, LOVES people and dogs, loves coming with us to new places, loves training, loves watching agility... and at the same time, really easy, settles down when I want her to, curls up in her bed and goes to sleep when we're home, I asked a few people if this was normal for a sheltie?! But apparently it is! She came into our lives when she was 4 months and it feels like she's been here forever! 

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Rhoda said...

Have always enjoyed reading your blog, hope Scandal is better soon. Shelties are very easy, I know I'm biased but we wouldn't be without one! Wow is gorgeous :-)