Monday, 3 August 2009

Chippenham show

I had entered Hatchford Brook ch ob yesterday but decided not to go as Tia has done no obedience in a month and I didn't fancy the 2 hour journey to train in the rain!

So I took all 3 dogs to Chippenham Starter and YKC show in Dorset. Lovely venue, the only thing I did not like was the rings were so quiet, literally not one dog was barking, the only noise was from people talking. So when I arrived with Scandal, I now understand what zoo animals feel like with everyone staring at them, as everyone was looking at me and this screaming banshee dog that was bouncing around at the end of the lead, thrilled that she was finally back to an agility show after a 5 week break. I guess you could say things have slightly improved as I dropped the lead and Scandal charged into the ring but when I yelled at her she did come back, and only went a couple of metres into the ring, and didn't disturb the dog that was at the other end of the ring (phewf). We managed to practise some sit waits around the ring and this time she did listen. So I think that is some sort of progress.

But on to the better part of the show, Jess and her 23 month old springer spaniel Copper picked up a 2nd in grade 1 agility, and 4th in grade 1 jumping - well done Jess and Cop! In the last 2 months Copper seems to have acknowledged the word consistent and they have come home with lots of top 10 placings including a 2nd in beginners jumping at the UKA Nationals week. Knocking on the door for grade 2 now!

And even more well dones are in order as Imogen Clark and her working cocker Honey qualified for Crufts by getting 2nd in YKC ADOTY small 6-11 year olds - woohoo!!! Imogen is only 10, and has been training since end December 08 - about 7 months, so the progress they have made is amazing. I am very proud :)

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