Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sunny holiday

I'm house sitting for Chel in Exmouth this week, we have been down since last Wednesday and are here until Sunday. It's been really great for Scandal to learn to live with a pack of 7 other dogs, I think she was rather mortified at the prospect last week, where as Tia who's been here several times before just settled in straight away. I think Scandal is quite at home now, and totally adores Chels 15 month old youngster Daizy... all they want to do is play so I split them up when I want some peace! And I don't like Scandal playing too rough (she likes Daizy as she also plays rough) as it scares me that she's going to get hurt, so they are only allowed limited playtime! (Im such a meanie!)

We have been to the beach 3 times, the weather yesterday was amazing, the dogs swam in the sea for ages, I am pleased that Scandal has turned out to be a total water baby, she swam for ages, she is very determined and already is very fast, and will swim faster than Tia in her determination to get the ball. Chel left me her camera to use, so I have got some nice pics of the dogs, just got to find the camera cable so I can get them on the computer! We also went sea fishing yesterday, and I took Scandal with me! How's that for socialisation! She was great, and of course was not content with lying on the floor, she had to be on the seat, with her paws on the top part, peering over the edge! The only thing she was VERY scared of was the bucket they put the fish in, that took some coaxing to get her near - I don't know if it was the smell, or what (there were no fish in it the first time) but that was a bit strange. Between Monday and today I have had 6 people ask me if she is a fox, or tell me that she looks like a fox. She gets loads of attention when we are out, which I don't think has helped her over-friendliness. Hopefully piccies will come soon!

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