Monday, 7 September 2009


I think we made some progress with Scandal's bad behaviour this weekend... despite Saturday at Prestbury Park Scandal managed to chew through her headcollar/lead and run into the ring chasing Lorna's Fleet - I am so sorry Lorna!!! However on the bright side, she did come back as soon as I called her, which is better than the first time she did it, when I couldn't catch her. I am seriously thinking about getting her a chain lead now, she has chewed through 5 or 6 this year and puts the lead in the back of her mouth and chews through in seconds. Same with toys, I need a reinforced steel toy! She breaks em like there is no tomorrow.

So Saturday (P.Park) wasn't so much progress, I had her out, however wanted to chat to people at the same time and you really have to give her your full attention or she is straight back wanting to bark and lunge at the other dogs. She can cope with standing by 1 ring, however 2 rings just blows her mind at present. So went to Tarka show in Devon on Sunday, lovely show, only 3 rings as it was a grade 1-3 show. Tried a new one with Scandal, gave her a rawhide chew as she is food mad so wanted to see if she'd be too busy munching chew to bark... this was not the case and as soon as the dogs were moving about (even dogs outside the ring tugging) she was lunging and barking. So got the big food tub, she is going to be a fat girl soon with all the sweeties she is getting. Worked on her for a few minutes getting her attention back and then asked her to do the v small bit of obedience she knows, i.e. starting heelwork position, teeny bits of slow pace, and sit/down waits. She was fabby, she finds it harder to do what I ask when the dog is on the start line, and doing tunnels, as these are the things we can do, so she sees great excitement in this! Watching the jumping I can just about manage to keep a lid on, we get the occasional yap and shuffle however in the main she was able to hold a wait for a good 20 secs or so, anyone who knows Scandal around the rings will know this is mega progress! She is also holding her starting heelwork position until I give her her 'clicker word' which is good as at one point I couldn't even get attention for more than a second, so we are winning the war on barking!

Only downside was I was talking to a friend afterwards (which already I know I shouldn't do when I have her out... have to concentrate on her only) and Scandal went back to screaming, and the judge asked me to move... earache/putting the dogs off I guess, although I was stood where I thought it wouldn't bother any dogs. Whoops. Embarrassing. Must try harder! Omg, this doglet is hard work, way way way harder than Rix or Tia, for this part anyway, she is vvvv determined, lucky she is such a good girl away from agility! Went for a lovely walk on the Mendips in the evening and Scandal was great, no running off at all, stayed nice and close, got lots of sweeties for coming back without me even calling her, this is great for me as at one time she just wanted to go off exploring. Did get zapped by the elecy fence, trying to chase/herd the chickens along the fence, and stuck her nose a little too close, ouch. Was a tired girl in the evening thats for sure!

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I'm Helen said...

Nellie has the 'scissor teeth'(must be a Jaff thing!) and I have spent rather more than you this season on leads which have lasted only a few seconds near the ring or when I am training...when the last one which cost £10 (which brought the total to £80..) looked set to follow the fate of the others I tried a different tack - now when we are queueing or I am stood talking to someone near the rings she 'attacks' her agility tuggy toy (a knot ball- nice and tough!!)and does not bark or lunge. Didn't take long to get her to target it when excited. When she and I are in a group class she will do the same or when she joins my classes I run I can put her to one side and work with an individual and their dog, while the others do weaves or something, and she will grab her toy and hop up and down or just lie down but not go towards them. Worth a try?

As for the recalls - fab. Its working then!!