Thursday, 3 September 2009

Well dones

Seems like everyone is doing real good at the moment, so well done to

Itty and Robbie winning out of grade 1 at Dashin, by 5 seconds :D
Lee and RicRoc for winning anysize jumping at Dordale :D
Imogen and Honey for winning grade 1 jumping at Dashin :D
Katie and Jet for being real CONSISTENT, although by Katie's standards 2nds just aren't good enough almost up to G3 but not quite :P
Dad and little Bex at Dogs in Need for qualifying top for the champ finals, and although it didn't quite go to plan in the final, I think at 2 years old Bex has still got a lot more to give :D
And of course big congrats to Gibson and Scott, for their 7 wins over the weekend, what a good lad Scott is... and Lee... hehe.

I had my first lesson at Elaine's with Tia today, in about 18 months. She was lush! I am so pleased with her. We trained her on medium height. She was flying. Generally in a different direction to the one I wanted her in, but hey it was a lot of fun. My handling has got real lazy, I guess having no-one to nag me in the last year has just made it easier to not try very hard! When I tried a bit harder, Tia was even better, still not in the right direction, but more fast! The trouble is after a while of doing anysize she has just learnt to go like a bat out of hell in a straight line... her consensus is if there is a jump in front of you, just go for it, no matter what the mumma is yellin! Was cooly training her though. Hopefully next year she will be good to do the odd show... and what with Scandal hopefully coming out, (a lot of hopefullys!) maybe I'll even have 2 dogs to run, eeek!!

Scandal did a few nice dog walks on Elaine's plank, going from the table. I was pleased as Scandal has only ever been on the dog walk at home. Then she did some nice waits and demonstrated a couple of physio exercises too :) she is doing real good, has been great on walks this week and has met lots of dogs, I was very pleased when we met a Leonberger as sometimes if the dog is mahoosive she is a little nervous and submissive, however she was much more confident this time and went straight up to sniff her, good girlie. The only "group" she doesn't like is someone who has a St Bernard and 2 Bassetts, I just can't get Scandal to approach them, she doesn't appear to think either of those breeds resemble dogs, and as a result she should keep nice and far away to remain safe. Bless her, the joys of a pup!

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