Sunday, 9 September 2012

UKA Hawbridge

Last month I went to UKA Hawbridge with Imi, so Imi could try and qualify for the Junior Finals at the Hand Stadium. I'd kind of decided it'd be Tia's last show, as she's 10 now, and with all the problems she had a few years ago, it's amazing that she's still able to do it. She has only done the odd run here and there at KC shows with me this year, and hasn't run with Imi since last summer. The Junior Final works on consistency, so you need a good agility and jumping to get in the top 4 with the results combined. First up the agility, and Honey and Tia were both clear, Honey was 2nd in this class. Then the jumping, again Honey was clear and Tia had a pole. This put Honey 2nd overall, and Tia 4th, so she's qualified both dogs for the finals :-) and it will be a lovely way for Tia to retire! Then... I decided to run Jed. I'd been thinking about it for a few weeks, but then the week before decided I wouldn't. Then got to the show, and it was nice and relaxed, rings not too close together, and Jed was on his best behaviour. So I entered him in the casual jumping - he's still not completely confident at full height, and I wanted him to do a different set of weaves. He was such a good boy, loved doing agility, and gave me 100% attention. He's come such a long way... still a long way to go but this is a big step in the right direction :-)

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