Sunday, 7 September 2008

Interesting jumping action

A while ago I took some screen shots of Tia jumping, in April, and at Lansdown in June. It seems crazy that at the show in April the physio had seen her just before (or poss just after) the show (because I'd been moaning that she wasn't jumping right) but she couldn't find anything wrong with her!!! How obvious it is now that there was something terribly wrong with her! The photos of her at Lansdown show the enormous difference a course of acupuncuture, physio and a water treadmill can do.

The quality of the pics isn't great as its just from my (ancient) video camera but it seems soooo obvious that Tia's in discomfort - believe me I really do cringe looking at them! But to take her out the ring when people who, in your eyes, know a lot more than you do, say that she is fine/sound, is really hard, and I didn't really have a "plan B" until Toni mentioned Lowri. Anyway pics below. You can see why she was unable to clear long jumps!!!

After 7 weeks of rehab:


Gina said...

Oh god you can really tell the difference, that's amazing.

Leanne said...

Wow, you can really see the difference!

I hope Tia gets back in the ring and competing properly again, it will be really interesting to see how much difference this makes to her performance.