Wednesday, 3 September 2008


I've been quite lax in posts recently, I guess because I haven't had much to post about! Tia's back was bad again last week so I have done hardly anything with her the last 10 days, so I'm not sure what to expect on Saturday at the Ch show! I've pretty much given up any ideas of bringing her back into agility now, we're stopping training (agility) for the rest of the year - I may bring her back next year, I really really want to, but I think the way Tia's shaped means that she won't be able to do high level of agility and high level obedience at the same time, I think it is just too much pressure on her. It's pretty gutting really as back in June I really thought it was onwards and upwards and kinda didn't expect setbacks and certainly not now - 5 months since her last full height show.

I'm training a couple of people at the moment who hopefully should be going to their first show in November - UKA Agility - 3 x steeplechase classes! I'll be going along to watch of course - I'm well excited! They also have a casual class so I'll put Ricky in that and may be Tia as well, as she'll be having a rest from obedience at that point so doing mini height should hopefully be ok.

Had someone new come for a lesson on Sunday - Nat and merlie collie Asher - the pair of them are obsessed (gonna have to work on this!!) with flyball, Asher runs sub 4 so from what people had told me I expected him to be fast, but oh heck not nearly as fast as he was!!! One of the fastest dogs I have ever seen, his power is awesome, but he can also turn on a sixpence. He's crazy, but totally key'd in to what Nat's doing. Nat, you're so gonna have to give some flyball shows a miss next year!!! Hehe.

I've been at Airbus just over 2 months now - hard to believe really as it's flown by! Got loads of plans for when I graduate........ although not quite sure where having a pup fits into those plans... eeeeek!!


Katie said...

Woooo! Yey for Asher the amazing, I'm so glad they came to you :-D

Nat x said...

:-) thanx Char, glad you liked him! We had a brilliant time training with you and will defo be over agin soon! You'll have a few people to answer to if i miss flyball lol, i'm sure i can fit it all in, my family will just never see me! x