Monday, 25 August 2008

Copper video... and Bex/Tia results

Quick summary of the last week... Bex had 13 wins at Dashin Dogs, I can't believe dad managed 13 clears let alone 13 wins! Bex is on fire! They had their first grade 4 at Dordale and won 1-4 agility, 3-7 agility and 2nd in 1-7 jumping, so grade 5 now. Go little Bex!

Tia had a 4th in champ obedience today yippeee! 4 champ shows and 2 places, feels like we are making progress! I just have to work on getting that bit more commitment now. I think it will come in time, we just need to do more shows, as missing June and most of July didn't help.

Now... a doglet I'm training, spaniel (yes, another spaniel, eeeek, lol) Copper - he's just over a year old now and is lurrrrvely, I wasn't too keen on training another spaniel (an example of why... Bex on fire at Dordale, then in one agility ran up the aframe, turned round and ran back down the same side to have a sniff!!!) as I prefer the amount of focus that collies tend to have - however Copper is so like a collie to train! We've been doing go-ons and tunnels since he was about 10 months and have just moved on to full height dog walks and aframes, he adores 2o2o on the aframe!


Andy & Nancy Hudson said...

Bex and Neil are doing their stuff. Amazing. Can't believe the difference in them since the spring Dordale show and the late summer one! They are a team to be reckoned with. They rock!
Well done with Tia, great result.

Saint Lover said...

Well done! I am very excited for you.

Great video too.

Katie said...

Awwh at Copper on the Aframe! I think you're becoming a spaniel training expert. (I think we next need videos of another dog ;) )

Well done to your Dad and Bex - unstoppable!