Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A sum up

I don't seem to have any spare time at the moment so here is a quick sum up...

Training with Tash last monday was awesome, Tia did 3 runs on full height before we dropped her down to medium. She was working really well and was only tucking up occasionally, my handling was pants, I knew what I was trying to do but my brain and my arms wouldn't connect!

Lee and Scott were fab, I think Lee learnt soooo much and Scott didn't knock one pole in the 3 hours of training! Scott then went on to get 2 wins and a 2nd at the KC festival. Things are on the up!

Dad and Bex did really well at KC fest, Bex had 5 wins in total, what a star! Was also doing a really nice round in her agility on Sunday but ran her contacts and dad then reminded her that 'target' meant target, and Bex reversed back on to the aframe bless her hehe. After a whole weekend of running them dad doesn't want to let her think she can do that all the time!

I have upped the amount of fast pace I am doing, I have set a target now that I have to try and run round a football pitch in fast pace, we put in some turns, following the lines on the pitch... can't say I've got anywhere close to running the whole length yet, it's made me realise how much work I have to do on it! On the plus side it's made Tia try a lot harder in her normal pace rather than dillydallying along.

Decided no agility shows for the rest of the year with Tia, was umming and ahhing about late September but just thought no I will concentrate on obedience at the moment. I'm finding it very hard to train her agility as she tends to skid/fall over the minute the grass is slightly damp, which means right now I'm not training her hardly at all! Hope to do a few ag shows next year but nothing's certain. Still waiting for Ruby to come into season - HURRY UP RUBY!!!!!! She won the jumping qualifier at KCI - woo go Ru!

The few lessons I'm doing are going really well - Wesley the german shepherd and the kids are doing great. Wesley's now jumping all at half medium/half large height, and some are now full height. He's taking corners naturally as well now rather than stopping and then running off. Still haven't even thought about tackling pull throughs yet! He's really fast for a shepherd. On upright weaves now, I'm holding his collar through them, I let go of him on Saturday and he did about half of them himself before coming out, but this is such progress considering he used to have a major freak out if the weavies so much as touched his side!

Jess had her first lesson back with Copper the ESS after Cops had a grass seed removed from near his willy - ouch! Poor Copper was so excited to be back and wouldn't wait on the start line, and of course I am mean and wouldn't let him have his fun until he did is waits, hehe! His contacts are fab, he's got tons of drive. And Lee Jess's boyfriend ran his mums collie Toby, and Toby was SO enthusiastic we were all a bit stumped as to why he suddenly found agility so thrilling! He worked really well. Gonna be so cool next year them both being able to compete at all the shows :o)

Thats enough rambling for now... think it may be a week before my next post... atho I do have a little vid of Rix which I may upload soon.

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Leanne said...

Go Tia!

It must be quite a tough decision to just do Obedience for 6 months after agility has been such a big part of your life for so long! Good luck with the Ob though, bet Tia will be kicking ass in no time.

Can't wait to see your students on the circuit next year!