Sunday, 17 August 2008

Bex is a dashin doggie

Dads been at Dashin Dogs for 3 days now and has had 6 wins!! Thats 1 win Fri, 2 Sat, and she won all 3 classes today! Crazy Miss B is on fire! Thats 18 (I think!) wins they've had this year! I wish I did that well in my first year lol!

Tia had a 6th in ticket yesterday I am really pleased with her! Especially the dozy handler herself lost 2 marks, and had I not done that she would've been third, eek!

Today I drove all 166 miles to Kent for Tia to miss a position in DC which was the first exercise, so out we came! She did a good training round in open C, a good fast sendaway and I didn't drop her and she didn't drop herself, so she's learning now, at last!!! Did about half the heelwork before giving her her ball. I don't normally do 2 days of obedience shows as I am too lazy and I always find Tia's more tired on the second day - she won't ever sleep before she has worked - yesterday we were drawn second so this didn't matter but today being drawn 25th we didn't work for quite a few hours so maybe she'd worn herself out looking out the window at every slightest movement!

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Vicki said...

wow, well done to your dad and Bex! Although I do have to feel slightly sorry for everyone else competing against them ;)