Saturday, 9 August 2008

Bex is going to Crufts!

Woooopeeeee!! Bex is going to Crufts! She won the KC Festival Small Novice Cup today (she also won the agility qualifier and 4th in the jumping q yest) which should qualify her for Crufts next year... I can't believe dad held his nerve! Bex also won 2 more jumpings today. She is going so well! Her being pants at Rugby last month really shocked dad into doing some training and he's clicked back in sync with her now and they are working so well together, I'm so proud of them both!

Well done to Nancy and Niamh for qualifying for Olympia yesterday - fab!!


Saint Lover said...

OMG thats fantastic!!!! Congrats to Bex!

Lucinda said...

Congatz! Bex is looking fantastic in the video's, wont be long until shes running the champ classes =)

Lucinda x

Andy & Nancy Hudson said...

Bex was a star and Neil more than held his nerve, he was amazing! Her contacts were superb and they absolutely deserved the win. Sadly Kizzy blew out but we were so pleased for Bex, it was the best I have ever seen them run together - stunning!

Thanks for comment re Olympia - I was just a little bit pleased to say the least!