Monday, 29 September 2008


When I heard the news about Hex last week I was truely shocked, I couldn't believe that a dog so healthy one week would no longer be with us the next. When dads Bex was younger and dad knew hardly any one, one of the only small/medium handlers he recognised was Bernadette and Zen/Hex. When Bernadette was in the queue I was always saying "dad watch this, this is how you do it". After I heard about Hex it brought it all to reality how we really never know what is round the corner and to enjoy every moment we have with the dogs.

This wasn't really emphasised when I took Tia to the show this weekend. I don't know what has happened in the last few weeks but not only have we got a lot worse, we have got so bad we've nearly dug a hole down to Australia. Tia is hating every moment of champ, and I know it is my attitude. I think I started in champ in August all happy that we had even got there, and then she got two places in her first 4 shows, and I knew she could've got the reserve CC had it not been for my useless handling getting marked. And then I piled on the pressure, and Tia decided the only way to resolve this was to go in to shut down mode. I can turn and face her in distance control and she will be watching me, but I give a position and its like there is a screen in front of her and you get no response. I know it is because she is unhappy. Even training this last week was bad, I was away for 3 days, came back, and had 2 really bad training sessions, and then 2 bad shows. Even someone who has known me and Tia for a long time, and has helped me a lot, said on Saturday what an earth is wrong with you at the moment, you are acting like a spoilt brat. Of course that has really got on my nellie, and I had a big long think on the way home on Sunday and decided that I will go back to what I was doing in the summer, before the operation on her neck, when she was working amazingly. Put my ear phones in, turn the music up, and have fun, life is too short to get churned up about winning. We did that tonight and boy did we have a good time. We have one show left this weekend and I don't care what she does, as long as she at least in part enjoys it, and I am going to stop taking it seriously :-)


Leanne said...

This post really struck a chord with me, but you put it better than I could.

I was devastated to hear about Hex -- I feel like I've had so many reminders this summer of how short a time I could have left with Kim. It was reflected in both our attitudes this weekend; we both had a lot of fun and I ended up thinking that so long as I have this perky little Kim around, I don't really care how we do. And everytime I start thinking like that, we do better ... you'd think I'd have learnt by now!

Sarah said...

Well said Char! Think we all need a wake up call sometimes - I felt really ashamed to have whinged so much about not being able to run Lucy at Dashin as she was slightly lame - in fact I'm really lucky to have her and what are a few weeks of rest in the overall scheme of things.
Tia is a lovely girl and she just wants to have fun with you so go out there and enjoy yourselves together - and one day those champ wins will happen!

Vicki said...

Hex was taken far too soon. I kept checking the Obay blog hoping for good news over these past few weeks. Theres another lady I know of who lost a dog recently - she came home from work to find him 'sleeping' - he was only 5 =(

I know *exactly* how you feel. Its the same with Pip - too much pressure , neither of us enjoy it and I wonder why we bother...then I realise I'm taking it too seriously and take a step back and come back refreshed - she always does so much then and we both start enjoying it again.

Perhaps the end of the season has come at a good time for you =)

Gina said...

Totally agree, I had the same moment on the start line with Emz, the small queues have been talking about the tragic loss of Hex all weekend and I just stood there and thought I am not going to let her wind me up thinking about getting to grade 7 - I am just going to enjoy it and do the best I can, who knows what's round the corner. Good luck at the weekend, most importantly have fun!