Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Naughty Scandal

Met up with Laura and did some training yesterday. Did 5 minutes today too and she was great. But to start with today she was Naughty-I-Want-To-Stalk-The-Pony-Scandal who can't concentrate on anything else except stalk the pony. However, after her initial stalk, she got over it and worked really nicely, which is I think one of the first times she's managed to work through the distraction of pony-at-the-gate and remain as focussed as she did - what we generally get is 80% agility, 20% thinking of eating the pony, however I think today it was much more agility.

Yesterday we worked on lefts, rights and cross behinds, and also on the dog picking up speed and then turning. Scandal got faster and faster as the session went on, and got wider and wider and then started pinging over the wrong jumps. And what did I do? I shouted at her! WHAT A MORON!! I was frustrated that all of a sudden she couldn't possibly go the way my shoulders were pointing and so shouted, and then Scandal slowed up. Not much, but enough to give me a massive slap on the wrist. I think I am going to wear an e-collar and give Laura the remote, so she can zap me if I get cross! So I had to train today because although we finished on a positive yesterday, I was still annoyed that I told her off for going fast. So we had a very short but productive session today where Scandal was lovely and fast.

I do think I'm better just doing 5-10 minutes with her, but just feel because I can't train 3-4 times a week @ 5-10 mins, when I do once-twice I should do half an hour or so to make it worthwhile. But we are both much better on shorter sessions. Ahhhhh cant cope with a pup!

She is also in season (maybe thats why shes been faster?!?!) and has been extra grumpy, especially with Tia, who, on Sunday evening stood on "Scandal's Step" (ie the patio doorstep) and Scandal then proceeded to tell Tia that under no circumstances should she stand on Scandal's Step. Bad brat puppy.

I've handed in another assignment, so just have dissertation and one other assignment to hand in now. Woop. Looking forward to our training sesh with Dave tomorrow. Hope Scandal can concentrate for that long!

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