Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Brilliant Scandal :-)

Scandal was AWESOME at Dave's today. I can't ever remember being SO pleased about how a lesson went! Her go-ons have improved massively, got to work lots on her powering out of left and right wing wraps, but her attitude was completely different to how it has been, I don't know if it made any difference that I was uber hyper and maybe that made Scandal hyper too? But it was so lovely that she actually really wanted to do it and I didn't have to use endless "ready ready" before we started.

Her running dog walk was a bit of a disaster - she hit the contact every time but did what she started doing last week and BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE across it... her second stride that she was putting her in was sending her rocketing up the 'up' contact and continuing "up" along the middle plank, so she was landing virtually on the down plank, which was scary. Had a chat with Dave and if it's not something I can resolve I will revert to 2o2o dog walk as she will hurt herself if she does that and falls off. After she calmed down she did do some perfect ones which I was really pleased with.

Laura and Be, and Imogen and Honey were also great, so all in all, a really fab lesson. Dave also got Nala out so he could show us what he meant about Scandal and Be looping after some turns, and how they should do a lovely neat turn and power back, or to a jump in a straight line. Think I've got a months worth of homework to do.

Dave also got Boss out and he is just scrummy, I want him! Lovely and leggy and the nicest attitude, ahhh makes me want a pup all over again!

I am so thrilled my puppy is now looking like she's really keen and wants to do agility. It's like a big circle... she wants to do agility... so I'm happy. So she really wants to do agility... and I'm really really happy :D what a good girl, woop!

Love lessons with Dave, come away with so much to train and practise, but feel its all do-able, and Scandal's improved so much since last time, so hopefully when we go again in April, she will have made even more progress :D



Rosie Ison said...

Great News Char :-) Sounds like Scandal is going to be fab. I hope Fozzie will be like that too once his confidence increases. Sounds like your Dogwalk is mega fast , thats brill except I can see why you'd worry about her falling off.

Got any video?

Char said...

Thank you Rosie. It's a major breakthrough and I still feel on quite a high :-) all of a sudden she really wants to do it.
Garth filmed a bit of it before the battery died I think he might have got her dog walk too, will see if I can put any on on the weekend x