Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Mixed week

Well started off well, with Daves lesson, then on Friday Scandal fell off the dog walk... gave herself a dead leg, which ok'd itself after a few minutes. Then she seemed fine, so gave it a few hours and then did another couple of dog walks and they were perfect, she was low across the whole dog walk rather than the stupid jumping which she was doing.

Then on Sunday we tried a raised aframe, did it slowly a couple of times so she knew it was higher, all fine, then did one a bit faster, again fine, then the next time, she went up the apex, and carried on skywards... and landed on the floor. After I recovered from just seeing Scandal's near death experience we did it a few more times and she did it much better.

Not enjoying this RC malarky right now. It's great when it's going well but they go so fast there really is no room for error. In 2 minds about stopping the whole thing now. Did the aframe today and Scandal just wants to go from contact to contact as soon as she's further back than 1-2metres. So I've got no idea how we are going to ever get it into a course.

The dog walk was looking really good today, correct striding, head low, we are putting 1 or 2 jumps before and after it now, all going swimmingly.

Jumping on Sunday we did at 22", she's 15 months and I felt she was ready, however she seemed to find it harder to adjust to this height than when we went to 20". So may do some 20 and some 22 for a couple of weeks. She's fine on the straight ones and wing wraps but on a star she can't keep a tight curve like she can on the lower jumps.

Did some of the stuff we worked on at Dave's and it went really well, with Scandal now driving at me after a sharp turn, rather than pansying in a curve to the next jump :) she is very up for it and it makes training so much easier.

Feel like we have got so much to work on. It was so lovely to train today in the sun. Scandal was knackered, I don't think she's ever got so warm from training before! :) x

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Gemma H x said...

stick with it Char, I think any contact training: be it running or stop etc goes through down patches and you question all you have been doing. If I had the time and access to equipment I would teach D running. I think you have done the hardest it already, just stick it out, keep showing her what you do/ don't want and remember that if she fails (not counting when she hurts herself) it is just a chance for you to show her what you do want.