Saturday, 20 March 2010


Didn't do much today as Scandal was quite flat which made training soooo much effort - think I was more tired than she was by the end of it!
Dog walks were 100% and aframes I think we probably did 8, one she didn't do a 2-hit on the down ramp the rest were lovely including turns, infact she went deeper into the contact on turns.

Am putting some jumps on full height and although she is stretching out over them she is getting herself underneath the jump and then ends up miles past it, rather than doing a nice arc shape. Think I will keep the jumps on 22" for a while longer (training on my old jumps today so they only have medium and large, no inbetween) and then raise one end to 26, so she doesn't notice such a difference, she's fine with 20 and 22, just seems to be 26 is a bit more difficult for her.

Have brought 4 weaves home and am planning on putting her through them once, 3 x a week to get her dinner in the evenings, so she starts to value doing them speedily a bit more! She seems to quite like doing them, quite often she'll take her toy off and then walk through them carrying the toy... emphasis on the walk - long as she doesn't have to do it fast she is fine! Grr!


Rosie Ison said...

She obviously jumps just like Fozzie then ??? I was quite despondent again with him, he's jumping sooo weird and knocking every pole. He seems slow as well, there are days when I wonder why I am spending so much time, effort and money on his training :-((

Char said...

Rosie yes that is what I thought when I saw the video of Fozzie, he is exactly the same as Scandal! Scandal's never knocked poles before but in the last couple of days has knocked several, think I am going to try and do some gridwork with her, but I find it so boring! I do think I have to just give her time, after all they are only babies and we expect so much of them.

I wish Scandal would go back to her attitude she had when she was in season (apart from the "I hate Tia" part) as she had so much enthuasiasm then!

So, you and me both! At least that makes me feel slightly better :-) xx