Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Haven't had time to do a blog post for ages... have been swamped in uni work... handed dissertation in yesterday, seems strange now I havent got it hanging over me, just one more assignment to write and a journal to hand in (well, write!) next week and then revision revision revision for easter, exams starting in May and finish 2 days before Scandal's first KC show, so will be nice to do the show without having to worry about revising.

Crufts was great, we stayed up there weds night to saturday, sooo knackered after each day. Imogen had a 4th in YKC ADOTY on thurs, lovely run, top 3 qualify for final so she was just out of the placings, which was a shame, but great considering they've only been doing agility for 14 months, has also taught her that she does have to push, and can't fanny about like she can in grade 1! Honey is working amazingly well in training and could easily hold her own up against grade 7s, fabulous little bitch, her attitude has changed so much in the last year, complete nutcase now, hope that as Imogen gets her confidence they will start to enjoy being in the ring a lot more.

Show season starts now - Chippenham on saturday, then a show every weekend from then on.

Tia is back home and touch wood there have been no fights and not even any grumbling, shows how much Scandal's season must have affected her. They've been playing loads and are loving chasing each other and trying to outrun one another on walks. Tia was a bit stiff yesterday after running, I think it's because she hasn't done it for about 3 weeks, hopefully it won't be long before her muscle is nicely built up again.



I'm Helen said...

Glad to hear the troubles sorted themselves by simply separating them during the season. Something to be aware of I guess if you keep her entire?? Sorry had to dash off rather than stay to watch the YKC (as I intended) and talk to you (not sure I'd have been much help TBH anymore than anyone else though) but had to go off and get Nellie and get ready for the Jumping!

Char said...

Thanks H, yes definitely something to be aware of, depends how often she comes in season as if only once a year I can deal with it, but def not every 6 months!

Will read your blog later to see how everything went in the jumping :) x