Friday, 19 March 2010


Written a couple of days ago... Trials and tribs of Scandal's RCs continue. Sunday they were great again, so got Imogen to run round playing with Honey (as Scandal looooves Honey), Scandal would look across, when we weren't running, but when we were she was as good as gold and concentrating really nicely, contacts great.

So couldn't think of what else to do so got Garth to hold one of their chickens and stand about 5m from the dog walk. Hmmmmmmm. Once I'd persuaded Scandal she couldn't just stare at the chicken, she did some good stuff. Her dog walks were slower but still held up 100%, was really chuffed as thought they'd be all over the place. I did fear for the chickens life at several points but luckily it's a very brave chicken, who's used to Scandal and Tia thinking it's a sheep.


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I'm Helen said...

Ypu I knew we were getting somewhere when Nellie wanted to do the weaves/jumps etc in the field at the bottom of the garden AFYER we had had an exciting moment going through the garden and the chooks. We also have brave chooks who think nothing of trying to peck her nose.......In fact the chooks now have a fenced off garden so the dogs can actually lie in the sun and NOT be chased off or pecked. Even the jrs!