Monday, 8 February 2010

Scandaluna and training

We've been on the Mendips for the last 4 days, the dogs have been great, Scandal hasn't run off at all which is even more great :D and watched a rabbit running away yest but evidently decided it was too far away and wasn't worth chasing :-)

Her training has been going really well, wing wraps seem to have clicked (take 2) this morning I put the wing wrap jump up to medium and no matter how close I put it to other jumps she was just doing the one jump so perhaps she's starting to learn that cik/brake does not mean do all the jumps in the vicinity :) her running dog walk was 100% on the 3 we did, aframe getting there, and today we did stopped dog walk and she was oodles better, starting to power a little bit more, very independant contact she will go down and nose touch no matter what I'm doing.

Here are her running contacts for those that want to see them

Imogen and Honey are coming on really well, Honey really enjoying her agility and Imogen getting tons more confident :-)

Scandal's brothers and sisters at their birthday party in December

Get a bit carried away with the vids as Garth has a great vid cam programme which is sooo much quicker than mine and in the time it takes me to upload 1 vid at home I could upload 100s on theres, despite them having the slowest internet in the world!

Tia is now a bit lame, we had a fab training sesh this morn, she was jumping 20", we were practising "go rounds" (outs) and she decided rather than go "out" she'd try and cut in and take the jump from the side nearest me, only she didnt have any room at all so I think somehow took the wing of the jump and brought the whole thing crashing down, I think she has just bruised it as she is really not very lame at all, but evidently after her history I am uber paranoid! Lots of stretches and massage for the next couple of weeks, will do a couple of cycle runs with her at a trot to make sure she is using her leg properly again and not short tracking on it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I was only saying to someone last week, as I was training T, that I had finally put her old injuries behind us, and was now training her with more confidence that she wasn't going to break again. And then she does brake. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Poor Tia, she's so accident prone.

Had fun house sitting, Tia got to watch the ferret all weekend, although again this morning I nearly drove off without her as packed the van up, turned the engine on, reversed out the drive and then out of the corner of my eye saw Tia still sat by the ferrets run! Oops. Scandal pounced on one of their chickens on sat, I shouted at her to let go which she did, and as she walked away, one of the other chickens chased her, soooo funny, Scandal flew out the gate with her tail between her legs, and then when I let them out on sunday she didn't want to come in the field with me, what a woos! So she just obsesses with the ferret too now.

Only a couple of weeks till Laura and I go for a lesson with munnings, really looking forward to it,seems like I havent had a lesson in ages, think we need it!

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