Tuesday, 11 November 2008


Firstly I'd like to thank Leanne for sending me all those articles which I have read and hope to do soon! And also the article on iliopsoas lameness which I have printed out and will take to Lowri's tomorrow.

I have now ordered Susan Salos DVD as I found it for £39 which seems cheap compared to the £54 it would have cost elsewhere! Someone did say they could let me borrow it (thx Jane!) but I decided that since I will hopefully use it for the pup it would be better if I have a copy of it permanently. Plus I have a really short concentration span and to plough through 4 DVDs in one week would be fairly epic.

I have decided to order a Back on Track coat for Tia (that was the one I was thinking about thx Jenni!) as I can have it as a Christmas present :) everyone I know who has one says they are really good, who knows, it may perform a miracle!! The Obtrack one can be a present for my next doggie lol Nancy! I still want one now though!!

Here is the lovely Be (Min x Jaff) at 7 months old. Shes such a cool pup :)


Leanne said...

No problem, I hope they help! I'm glad you got hold of the DVD too, fingers crossed it all makes a difference for Tia.

Be is looking scrummy, very grown up!

When is the pup due?

Tracy said...

I'd be interested to know where you found the DVD's for that price. I too would love to watch them but can't justify paying £50 + for them

Char said...

I got it from http://www.positiveanimalsolutions.co.uk/fj.html
The lady was really nice too and she said she will post it today! x

Tracy said...

Thanks! Have ordered a copy :-D