Friday, 14 November 2008

We've had fun...

practising running contacts!! I've been figuring for some time, that if shes never going to be very good jumping, we may as well be good at something, she does a kind of running aframe but doesnt really understand it, so I thought well we have the winter to train it so why not, we can always go back to 4off. I like trying out new trainings, and running contacts are sooooo much more interesting than 2o2o. No way would I try the dog walk (I will be watching Toni and Beep as if anyone can do it Toni can!!) but the aframe I think could be slightly easier, and of course less stress on Tia's shoulders.

Tia LOVES it!!

It's on bricks in the first few goes as I put bricks under it to stop it killing the grass but forgot to take them out whoops. She jumped on the first one and ran nicely on the rest, missed one near the end but the vid cam got to tape end on the last 2 goes.

The DVD arrived today and the Back on Track coat arrived yesterday so I am part way through the first DVD, it's great so far. Tia's not too sure about the coat but I think she looks dead cute hehe. Hopefully at least one will make a difference!!

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