Friday, 28 November 2008


Tia had accupuncture and ultrasound at Lowri's on Monday, she had sore intercostal muscles on her right hand side (either caused by bending to the left or making bending to the left sore) so they clipped a patch away on her ribs, ultrasounded it, and then when I jump her I have to 'tape' where her muscles are. I've done training with her today and Thurs, she wore her special coat for an hour beforehand and an hour afterwards. It was like training a different dog! She was really keen, really excited and was just fab, she didn't tuck up once *faints in shock* I am soooo pleased. We did big left and right circles which she found easy and then today did some pinwheel type things as well as the circles, and again she found them easy. I'm going to leave off training tomorrow, then train her on Sunday. It's soooooooo lovely having a week off work... just need to marry a millionaire so I don't ever have to hehehe!
And a pic of Ti looking very unimpressed at being a dummy!
The tape is in the spaces between her ribs, not on the ribs themselves!

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Gina said...

Aww bless her, poor Tia you can't believe that none of this was ever picked up before and it makes you wonder how many dogs could be suffering unnoticed! Oh and if you find any millionaires, send one my way! x