Monday, 10 November 2008

Susan Salo Foundation Jumping DVD Wanted!

This is a plea if anyone has the above DVD set that they dont mind lending me for a week or so it would be very gratefully received! I really don't want to spend £50 on a new set as I am saving up for a new coat for Tia, and as it's either or, the coat for Tia would be better I think! I am quite happy to pay postage and a small fee for your kindness.

After reading Leanne and Mands comments, and some other comments on the youtube vid it now does look like it's a take off issue. Why Tia can't sort it out I dunnoo, I thought dogs were meant to teach it to themselves... lol. Any way I would really like to try and work on this so, if anyone would like to donate...... :)


Jenni said...

talking of coats have you seen the back on track coats i got dexter one and they're brilliant. They hae ceramic fibers wich reflect body heat and help old injuries arthritis and the warming up and cooling down of muscles. And they are waterproof. Hannah banks has a pic on her blog.
Jenni xx

Leanne said...

No use on the DVD, sorry!

I think there are a few Clean Run articles from Susan Salo (or her students) that could be useful, I'll email them to you if you like?