Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Ant and Gass/End of Tia's blog

Well today marks the end of Tia's rehab blog, she's retired from agility as will need TPLO if I want to do it again, and I'm not prepared to put her through that... a shame after all our trips to Wales but hey, I've learnt a lot of thinigs. She's probs got something going on neurologically that although an MRI may identify, it wouldn't make much difference as to anything else we can do for her except major surgery, and even then, it may not mean she is 'better' afterwards. But hey she is enjoying walks again even if its only on 3 and a bit legs, although she is starting to run about better now. I'm not sure yet if she'll be able to do obedience again in the ring, as I don't know if her lameness will ever go, but she's having at least 6 weeks off, so we'll relook at it after that. Just got to start counting down the months till I can bring my pup out now!

When I went up to Ant's last week I took some video of his youngster Gass (sister to Nellie-Bean and Christine W-Wyne's Rivi). Gass reminds me SO much of her mum Beanie.
Here's the vid... enjoy! My two dogs have to sit on the table there as if I tie Rix up he chews through the lead, and Tia barks even more than she does already... naughty dogs.


Mark said...

Pity about Tia :-(
He He - Gass in the weaves looks like a speeded up black and white film !! Bet Ant is chuffed with the dog's progress.

Vicki said...

I'm so sorry about Tia.

As you probably know Mish has had TPLO on both her backlegs. I wouldnt think twice about doing it again, although I'm not sure I'd want to put her through it if she had other things going on as well.

*hugs* and slobbers from all my end xx

I'm Helen said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have had to make that decision for you and Tia. Heartbreaking. All you can do is keep her happy and as fit as you can and take everything you have learned from working with and trying to help her into the relationship you build with your pup. Hx

Gass looks good! luv Nellie-Beanxx

HechiAsia said...

My name is Pere Saavedra.
I would like to link your blog to our canine skills.
Best regards from Spain


Hudsondoglets said...

Really sorry about Tia. So hard to do the right thing but so right, good for you.

Puppies are looking cute.

Gass is looking great!

Christine said...

So sorry to hear about Tia, it is so gutting, having had to retire Nuts at 7 and half. You just never realise when that run or round is going to be the last. All you can do is be so chuffed and proud of your journey together and that at least it will continue albiet in a different way.
Plus, Way to go with the Gas, woohoooooo!