Sunday, 7 December 2008

UKA Cheltenham

Well yesterday (Sat) was the first shows of two dogs I train.
Wesley first. He's a 5yr old GSD, they rescued him last September. Loads of probs to start with, fear aggression etc, but gradually we've been getting there and he's doing everything in training, and ready for his first show.
So. First class - Beginners Jumping. Mike Haines had set a lovely course, which Jo felt fairly confident that she could do. Wesley however had other ideas. Round the first one... round the second one... round the third one... quick search for the kids... round the next one. He did a total of 1 JUMP!!!!! Aghhh. Naughty dog.
Second class - Beginners Agility. Over the first one, dog walk, round the tunnel... in the tunnel, aframe, round the fifth jump, backjump the fifth jump, pretend weaves don't exist, seesaw, round the next jump, backjump... you get the picture. Actually he was a ton better than the first class and did the jumps... not necessarily in the correct order. At least he looked vaguely like he had been trained in agility and not just picked up from the Dogs Home the day before!

Jess also had her first show in Nursery with Copper spaniel who's 16 months. Copper's training has been going fab, he is SO fast. He just made a couple of baby mistakes but looked great. He really wanted to do the aframe again on the way back up the line of jumps to it, too many sweeties at the bottom in training :)

I was chatting to someone I used to train when I was at Clifton, Dorothy, and she said I could run her collie, Buffy in the jumping. Buffy is grade 2 at KC shows and is suchhh a lovely dog. We got 2nd in Novice Jumping yippee! It was my first run (bar anysize) since May and soo fun! Here's the run, thx to Lee for filming!

Tia has hurt herself again, this time on her right back leg, so she now only has two legs that work properly. The only benefit to this is that she is now weight bearing properly on her left leg, as she doesn't really want to stand on either of them. Grrrrr.

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