Monday, 8 December 2008

Pup pics

If anyone wants to see more pics I've put them on my website, on

Thx to Ant and Jackie for the photos, sorry for badgering you sooooo much!

The two girlies... one has now gone tri... ahhh!! Both are gorge.

Really like this little boy

Group shots


Jenni said...

very lovely .. shame about those feet lol :P xx xx

Vicki said...


Leanne said...

So cute! Love both the girls, but I think I'd be swayed by the tri, I have to admit!

Mand said...

Very cute. But what's wrong with tri!!!

Hudsondoglets said...

All those lovely red and whites, makes me jealous!

Lorna said...

Ah lovely - scrummy red and whites! Looking forward to reading all about them and which one you pick :)

Lorna xx (and assuming the Dad of the pups did not change Uncle Fleet)