Sunday, 21 December 2008

Picture overload

Ok picture overload of the pups, you've been warned, lol.

Fish - r/w boy

Jumbo - r/w boy

Squiffy - r/w boy

Another r/w boy - with cute pink nose!

The two girlies

The red and white girl

The red tri girl - she's very active for 2 weeks old, one of the more dominant ones in the litter it seems like!


Lee Gibson Training said...

Been having a long read of your blog updates, makes good reading.I cant look on dialup with all those pictures!!

Very nice pups. I think you will find then right one. They seem to like like sleeping so you should bond ;)

They look nice. And you say your excited too? Would not have guessed! Best Regards


Saint Lover said...

OMG they are sooooooo cute!!!!