Monday, 19 January 2009

10 days

10 days till I bring puppy home yippee!

I did a spot of puppy shopping today, well, I did what Bernadette does, and raided the charity shops and bought some childrens toys lol, I bought a Barbie toy car thing, which is great fun, a musically thing which makes different noises when you press it, and a soft toy thing which makes more noises when you press it. Tia is scared of the musically thing lol. I hope Scandal likes them, I bought them at great cost, approx £1.25 per toy!! I can highly recommend charity shops for toys, they have so much stuff, although it was a bit embarrassing walking down the high street with an Oxfam bag and British Heart Foundation bag lol.

Not many pics this week, I didn't charge the camera from last week, oops. The pups were awesome, I had my camera on the wrong setting (again) and didn't figure it out until just before the battery went, damn technology. They are much harder to take good pictures of when they are 6 weeks old! It would have been better to video them, as they are so funny. Scandal is definitely one of the monsters of the litter, well, she is the biggest! She is very into everything, and very people orientated. It will certainly be interesting seeing all the pups grow up, and seeing how they change as they get older.

She likes feet/hands/arms/legs!

Uh oh - getting ready to pounce on Fish!

Rave - new owner Jayne Widdess

Fish - new owner Collette Gibson - Fish's ears have already gone up - think they will end up pricked
P.S I KNOW my puppy has BIG ears!!!!


Gina said...

Awww cutie, looks like she's going to get Rum ears lol :-P

Char said...

Yer I know, so much for the semi tipped that I wanted!!!

Rosie Ison said...

Arrr...I can't wait to meet her..All these puppies around just now. I will get to see Fish regularly as I train with Colette.

Char said...

Saw Colette on Sunday when she picked Fish up, she's going to have her hands full with him, he's lovely! Hope to see you soon so Scandal can play with Fozzie!! x