Sunday, 11 January 2009

Pups week 5

Introducing my puppy, Scandal

aka Rujaff Red Hot Scandal or Rujaff Blazing Scandal!




Nell again


Jumbo - pics by Alan Smith

Not many pics this week as I took the camera but not the memory card, so had to save it on the camera's memory, which wasn't very big. Got a cute vid of Scandal which I'll upload soon. x


Leanne said...

Love the name - Red Hot Scandal sounds fantastic!

She's so cute, major congratulations!

Katie said...

hehe the world final knows!! :D

Congrats Char and Scandal (with an A lol!), she'll be a very spoilt puppy come Crufts.

Hope she likes her Wubba bless her!

Jenni said...

she was my fav from the photos. x