Friday, 2 January 2009

Pups 4 weeks old

The pics have turned out better than last week, the flash wouldnt work last week but it was working this week so they aren't bad!

The tri girl and the boy, Spot, are like the gruesome twosome, they are sooo naughty and always seem to be the last ones to sleep and first to wake up.

The two tris - bit blurry but I thought it was cute :)

Tri girl

Tri girl play fighting with Fish

Tri girl and Spot


Squiffy again

and again...
Spot and tri girl causing trouble

Play fighting

Still play fighting

Spot coming to investigate the camera
The red and white girl... awake and playing tug!

Red and white girl in all her cuteness :)

Red and white girl again

Red and white girl hiding behind another pup

Jumbo again

Bruce... now called Rave

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Angela said...

....So Charlotte, have you picked one yet?
My favorite colour.