Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Video of Scandal at 5 weeks old!


Gina said...

Aww she's fab Char! You're going to have lots of fun with her!

Angela said...

...Now Charlotte, don't you dare tell her off for running off with your socks!

Char said...

Thx Gina, yeh she's cool. I hope shes cuddly as well, as they scare tia as she thinks shes being trapped lol!

Ooops ange sorr didnt get back to you about CD/DVD, i had no idea as the one i had was RW! but looks like you've sorted it now x

I'm Helen said...

hehehe she's fun! If she is anything like nells she'll be really cuddly...I love that pic of Jaff - nells has the same 'gormless' (well thats what I call it) expression at times. One things for sure she'll be a clever wee thing!Hx