Sunday, 14 June 2009

Bandle and Thames

Scandal-Bandle little vid of her doing some obedience at 6 months. We really haven't done a lot so she's a bit behind other dogs but she picks things up very quickly.

Had such a lovely day at Thames yesterday. Saw Sian and Jazz do a cracking round to win the medium CC, also managed to see Elaine Auty's Davey working (i think thats his name?) wow he is stunning. Loved Lee Windeatt's 6-7 Agility Olympia qu although there's no way I would've been able to do any of it! Also saw Sharon's Diesel, and he is very handsome. I wish he could teach Scandal how to get his toy rather than barking, he is a very good boy!

Got this vid of Gass in the Novice Olympia Qu, she missed her aframe (after Ant released too early!), she is now G4 as she won G3 agility on Saturday. I haven't seen her for a month now and she's sped up loads since then.

Bex isn't on great form at the moment, she finished her season about a month ago and had one show at great speed, and then Notts and Hinckley she wasn't interested, Thames she was better, 2 5ths in grade 6, and a 7th in the Crufts Singles, but none at Bex speed. Hopefully dad'll get the old Bex back soon!


witch said...
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Char said...

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